Mr. MA Ching Nam (馬清楠)

B.Sc. (Hons.)
Commercial, Conveyancing and Litigation Departments

Mr. Ma is a partner of the firm and was educated in Hong Kong and in England. He graduated with honours from the University of Hull, England in 1977. He was admitted to practise as a solicitor in England and Wales, Hong Kong, Australia (Victoria) and Singapore. Mr. Ma is a Notary Public, a China-Appointed Attesting Officer and a Civil Celebrant.


He was the President of the Hong Kong Society of Notaries (2007-2013).


He has been appointed as Committee Member of The People’s Republic of China Political and Consultative Conference Hunan Province and as a Visiting Professor of the China Agricultural University.


Mr. Ma is experienced in corporate, commercial and company work. He also handles real estate and civil litigation work and China-related joint ventures.


Mr. Ma was the Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, one of the most established charities in Hong Kong incorporated under Po Leung Kuk Ordinance.


Mr. Ma is director and/or legal advisor to numerous companies, banks, institutions, charitable organizations and chambers of commerce and is currently sitting on a number of governmental committees as chairman and member.


Mr. Ma was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.


Mr. Ma’s father, the late Mr. Ma Kam Ming, M.B.E., was the Founder and Chairman of Tai Sang Bank Limited.

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